Photo credit: SY:WAY



Dates and Scedule

Photos can be uploaded to the website or sent to The competition will run from February 21 to March 14, 2021. During the next week, our distinguished jury will select the winners and on March 21, the birthday of Shri Mataji, we will announce the results on our website.


How do I download photos?

Get in touch with us using by clicking here or by email: Once you are verified you will have access to all of the original photos.


Who can use those images?

These photos can be freely used for the dissemination of Sahaja Yoga, whether as a team or individually. For personal use (work projects, studies, other purposes), you will need to contact the author of the photo personally.


Who can participate?

Sahaja Yogis from all around are welcome to submit photos. 


How do we protect the uploaded resources?

(it will be possible to download a photo after the announcement of the results of the competition) - no one will be able to download a photo from the site. To access the repository, you will need to contact the organizers group and submit a request. (Ask the organizers for the process of accessing the photo). This way all photos are protected. Before receiving a photo, we will try to make sure that the person who gets access will properly dispose of them with full respect and following the protocol in relation to the photos and their owners.


What are the photo requirenments?

Illustrarions, icons and logos: No limitation. Photos: No less than 400 KB or 1000x1000 pixels. No more than 15MB in size. Format: JPG, GIF, PNG (no RAW, TIFF files).


Who wins and who gets the prizes?

Criterias like creativity, vibrations, message, pespective will all be considered in order to fine the best photos. Each category will have 3 winners and one additional prize for the most popular photo with the most likes. The winners will receive one of our prizes - one of several excellent books (in English). The prizes can be viewed on the website. Books will be given away by a means of a raffle between the winners. 


When and where will be the results published?

The results will be published on the Sahaj-Creations website and by email to those who have sent us photos and to those registered on the website.

Photo credit: Amit Singh