Photo credit: Richard Payment


The purpose of this website is to organize and collect photos which will be used as promotion material for Sahaja Yoga. While advertising and publishing becomes more and more mainsream, we’ve noticed that there was a lack of good material that suits for advertising Sahaja Yoga. 


A few good photos that are in circulation have proved very popular, and were over-used.  Some other photos exsited but were not available in good quality. 
Graphic designers and promoters need to have access to good photos and preferably a variety of materials in order to make Sahaja Yoga look hip, cool and appealing. That's why this site was created. It's purpose is to collect all those photos into one place and make the available to everyone who wants to talk about Sahaja Yoga or present it to other people. 

Photo credit: Amit Singh

Photo credit: SY:WAY


Such a platform could be later used to further encourage creativity within the collective in form of more creative competitions such as: Children artwork, poems, video contests, etc.